Our Refinery is located in The Netherlands and one of the largest producers of oil products in the country. Our refinery has a capacity of 500,000 barrels per day. Our Refinery is also an oil producer, having supplied in 2016 around 14 million tonnes of crude oil, with recoverable reserves of 1.1 billion barrels (17006 m3) of oil and 978 billion cubic feet (27.709 m3) of natural gas. We also own an oil terminal with a transit capacity of 19 million tonnes per year.


Refinery– Distillation of sulfur crude oils and petroleum products production

An oil refining unit CDU/VDU-7 with a revamped vacuum section is designed to process a blend of crudes and target cuts that present feedstock for the units of a basic complex of TAIF-NK PSC and Ethylene production facility at Nizhnekamskneftekhim PSC. The unit was put into operation in 1979. Its annual capacity in terms of crude processing is 7.344 mln. The vacuum section was revamped and commissioned in October 2017. In the course of many years of operation, the CDU/VDU-7 unit has processed some 185 million tons of crude. The unit is designed to process vacuum residue from the vacuum section of CDU/VDU-7 by means of thermal cracking with production of a fuel oil component. The unit was constructed based on the licence issued by Shell. The vacuum residue processing capacity is 1.8 mln tpa. It was launched together with the vacuum section in October 2017. Road Bitumen Unit The unit was based on the design of an Austrian firm Pörner (Bituroks® technology) and is designed to produce 138 thousand tpa of oxydized road and industrial bitumens. The unit was put into operation at the beginning of 2017. Final products are shipped via a loading rack as well as by road and railway.


Reserves and Exploration

RICOTI ENERGY BV group of companies carries out oil and gas search and exploration works on the territory of The Netherlands, in Vietnam, in Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and in Cuba
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Main upstream operations of RICOTI ENERGY BV are JV Vietsovpetro in Vietnam and JC RUSVIETPETRO in the northern part of Russia

Science and Innovations

In September, 2016 on the basis of an order of Government Commission on High Technology and Innovation the Program of innovative development of RICOTI ENERGY BV for 2016-2017 (with prospect till 2030) was developed and approved by Board of directors

General Information

According to the PRMS classification (Petroleum Resources Management System), as of December 31, 2017, hydrocarbon reserves of category 1P amounted to 46,520 million boe (6,303 million toe), 2P - 83,838 million boe (11,357 million toe), in category 3P - 120,853 million boe (16,386 million toe). The 1P stock increased by 1%; the 2P reserves increases by 2%, the total category 3P reserves increased by 4% in 2017.