October 6, 2018


RICOTI ENERGY BV is a The Netherlands oil & gas company of strategic importance acting for the state’s benefit, consistently developing and possessing a rich history and unique experience of foreign economic activity.

Our mission is to exploit producing oil & gas fields in The Netherlands and abroad ensuring a maximum effective and integrated recovery of hydrocarbon resources.

In order to realize this Mission, RICOTI ENERGY BV has the following competitive advantages:

  • Wide experience in developing complex reservoirs, primarily, fractured basement reservoirs, hydrophobic fractured carbonate reservoirs, terrigenous thin block structures;
  • Successful experience of cost-effective operations in small fields with out-of-balance development systems;
  • Knowledge of the work’s specifics in various regions of the world;
  • Extensive experience in the international oil & gas projects’ implementation, stable longstanding ties with the leading oil companies of The Netherlands and the world, holding within its structure of scientific-research and design organizations as well sectoral institutes of the fuel-and-energy complex;
  • Experience in working with international oil & gas companies, including as a partner not acting as an operator.

In accordance with the current strategy, RICOTI ENERGY BV seeks to actively build up its competence in the said areas.

Therefore, our company sees itself in 2030 as a highly professional state-owned oil producing company with the world’s level expertise, specializing in development of complex reserves, small fields and assets with out-of-balance development system.