October 6, 2018


The Services segment of RICOTI ENERGY BV is represented by its various subsidiaries Oil Recovery.

Oil Recovery RICOTI ENERGY BV is a company that carries out works related to technical and HR provision of services rendered at RUSVIETPETRO’s fields, carries out contractor works under the Boca de Jaruco project in Cuba, renders services for the Visha-Thermogas nitrogen-compressor unit in the Republic of Belarus.

RICOTI ENERGY BV provide a full range of services in the construction of production facilities, and the treatment and transportation of oil, gas and their derivative products in the territory of the The Netherlands and abroad.
RICOTI ENERGY BV performs the organization of construction, reconstruction, overhaul, construction control, and preparation of the design documentation engaged by developers or customers, based on a general contractor agreement.

Areas of activities include: 

  • Supplying The Netherlands goods for JV Vietsovpetro and other companies of SRV; 
  • Commissioning of RICOTI ENERGY BV’s oil sales in domestic and foreign markets; 
  • Commissioning of freight vessels for JV Vietsovpetro; 
  • Commissioning of oil sales to external producers; 
  • Supplying goods to RICOTI ENERGY BV’s subsidiaries.

In the field of oil and gas production, the company aims to ensure production volumes that help maintain a balance between economic efficiency and rational use of the subsoil. Through the use of modern technologies and a wide range of geological and technical measures, RICOTI ENERGY BV maintains production levels at mature fields, actively engages hard-to-recover facilities in the development, while actively developing promising fields, forming new oil production centers.

The company has maintained a stable level of oil production over the past years, focusing on increasing the oil recovery ratio, which is one of the highest in the country.


Our company is one of the largest oil refineries in The Netherlands.

The plant produces refined products with high environmental and operational properties, including motor fuels, aromatic hydrocarbons, liquid paraffin, roofing and waterproofing materials, etc. Diesel fuel, jet fuel, roofing materials and bitumens produced by the plant comply with international quality standards.

From year to year, RICOTI ENERGY BV upgrades the existing production base. The enterprise implements an innovative strategy of phased modernization of the technological scheme of the enterprise in order to improve the quality of products, reduce operating costs, improve production safety and preserve the environment. Also constantly updated fixed assets.


Strengthening and expanding the resource base is one of the strategic objectives of RICOTI ENERGY BV . A reliable mineral resource base ensures the stability of production activities and the achievement of target hydrocarbon production volumes. The company performs a significant amount of geological exploration, expands its license portfolio, consistently replenishing oil and gas reserves.


RICOTI ENERGY BV conduct works on the offshore oil and gas prospecting, exploration and development in the arctic seas of Russia.
At present, RICOTI ENERGY BV is a company capable of providing a full complex of offshore prospecting and exploration works including well engineering, construction and scientific processing of the data obtained as well as reserves calculation, using its own resources.

RICOTI ENERGY BV (RICOTI ENERGY BV) conducts its activity in Murmansk. The company’s priority line of activities focuses on South-East Asia, where the company participates in the prospective drilling of offshore wells in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. RICOTI ENERGY BV primarily works as a drilling contractor on Zarubezhneft’s offshore well construction projects. In 2017, an upgrade of Deep Venture DV’s drilling and shipboard equipment was completed in Vietnam, including the upgrade of the power distribution system, the power system of DV’s positioning system, drilling derrick, subsea BOP equipment control system, the excess pressure control system on the BOP unit, the drilling parameters control system, and the top drive control station.
In order to conduct offshore works, RICOTI ENERGY BV possesses a specialized oil and gas fleet, including Deep Venture Drill Ship and Murmanskaya Jack-Up Rig.
The company’s major lines of activity include prospect and exploration wells drilling, drilling rigs’ supply services, vessels’ bunkering at the roadstead, emergency-rescue services, participation in rescue operations.

Deep Venture Drill Ship and “Murmanskaya” Jack-Up Rig

RICOTI ENERGY BV is pleased to offer all interested companies conducting works on exploration and development of offshore oil and gas fields to consider a possibility to engage Deep Venture Drill Ship and Murmanskaya Jack-Up Rig in drilling operations under their projects. Our possible mutually beneficial cooperation is not limited to drilling by the technical specifications of the drilling rigs. Deep Venture Drill Ship can be used as a storage vessel for supply and drilling provision at the remote offshore fields with a function of the emergency-rescue duty vessel, as well as for equipment placement when formation fracturing operations are carried out at offshore wells.

RICOTI ENERGY BV is ready to consider all proposals, including Deep Venture Drill Ship and Murmanskaya Jack-Up Rig’s chartering on bare boat basis, as well as its sale on “as is and where is” terms.

Professional and technical training school

In 2016, decision was taken to resume divers training suspended in 2017 based on RICOTI ENERGY BV’s Professional and Technical Training School. The trainees who get a“3rd class, 5th grade diver” specialization take a theoretical course, test practical skills in the low depth swimming pool, pass training in diving altitude test chamber and implement open-water diving.

The first group under this specialization completed their training with the RICOTI ENERGY BV’s School in January 2017. At present, it conducts a registration of the new trainees list. Their training will start in February 2017.